Joomla cms used by many corporate and complex projects development. Joomla can be used by Programmers and Non Programmers. Joomla Training is provided by 5+ years experience professional.

We teach Joomla 2.5. Our Joomla trainer will provide indepth training in Joomla 2.5. Our classes will be both theory and practical oriented. In Joomla training we teach about Joomla installation, content management, Joomla template designing, Joomla Extensions and Joomla Live Project Scenario.


Introduction to CMS (Module 1)

  • Structure of CMS

  • Types of CMS (Files & Database)

  • Introduction to Joomla

  • Advantages of using Joomla

  • Features of Joomla CMS

  • Joomla Versions (1.0 & 2.5)

Joomla Installation (Module 2)

  • Installation of XAMPP

  • Joomla Installation Requirements

  • Installing Joomla on Local System

  • Installing Joomla on Windows

  • Installing Joomla in Linux

  • Commons Errors in Installation

Joomla Terminology and Concepts (Module 3)

  • Joomla Frontend and Backend

  • Menus, Articles, Sections, Categories

  • Extensions in Joomla (Frontend & Backend)

  • Modules, Components & Plug-ins

Joomla Admin Settings (Module 4)

  • Global Configuration Settings  

  • User Management in Joomla

  • Managing Media with Media Manager

Content Management in Joomla (Module 5)

  • Section Manager

  • Category Manager

  • Creating Articles in Joomla (Editors)

  • Article Parameters in Joomla

  • Archive Manager

  • Front Page Manager

  • Article Trash

Menu Management in Joomla (Module 6)

  • Creating Menu in Joomla

  • Menu types in Joomla

  • Menu Parameters

  • Menu Trash

  • Menu Modules

Joomla Modules (Module 7)

  • Install and Uninstall Modules

  • Module Manager

  • Default Joomla Modules

  • Module Positions & Parameters

Components and Plugins (Module 8)

  • Using Components

  • Banners, Contact, News Feed

  • Polls, Search and Web Links

  • Plug-in Manager

Joomla Template Design (Module 9)

  • Introduction to Joomla Templates

  • Template Manager

  • Installing Joomla Templates

  • Customizing Joomla Template

  • User positions in Joomla

  • Custom Joomla Template

  • Adding Styles to Joomla Template

  • Common Errors in Templates