Linux Essentials

This workshop introduces the wonderful world of the Linux OS. Anyone who is interested in learning about Linux and does not know where to start, then look no further. The workshop is designed to introduce Linux with ample hands on exercises and practice sessions. In addition, the student is provided his/her own individual machine. This is possible using the latest technology such as virtualization and cloud computing. 
The topics covered in this workshop, prepares you for the certification exam conducted by The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) 
Contact Hours: 30 hours (10 sessions of 3 hours each) plus home exercises given by instructor. 
Topics covered in this workshop are as shown below: 

1:The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source 

 1.1 Linux Evolution and Popular Operating Systems 
1.2 Major Open Source Applications 
1.3 Understanding Open Source Software and Licensing 
1.4 ICT Skills and Working in Linux Topic
1.5 FileSystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)

2: Finding Your Way on a Linux System

 2.1 Command Line Basics 
 2.2 Using the Command Line to Get Help 
 2.3 Using Directories and Listing Files 
 2.4 Creating, Moving and Deleting Files Topic 
2.5 Vim Text Editor

3: The Power of the Command Line

 3.1 Archiving Files on the Command Line 
 3.2 Searching and Extracting Data from Files
 3.3 Turning Commands into a Script Topic
3.4 Bash Shell Scripting
3.5 Standard IN/OUT and Pipes

4: The Linux Operating System 

4.1 Choosing an Operating Systems
4.2 Understanding Computer Hardware 
4.3 Where Data is Stored 
4.4 Your Computer on the Network Topic 

5: Security and File Permissions 

5.1 Basic Security and Identifying User Types 
5.2 Creating Users and Groups 
5.3 Managing File Permissions and Ownership 
5.4 Special Directories and Files

6: Basic System and Network Configuration 

  6.1 Network Client Tool
  6.2 Basic System Configuration Tool