Spoken Tutorials

All the courses mentioned below come with Certification from IIT Bombay. We will teach you the basics 
and you can avail our resources for practice. LPI and CompTia+ with hands on exercises and workshops from our end, self study and hard work from your end, will enable you to appear for the Certification.


1 Desktop

1.1 Firefox (An open source web browser)

1.2 Thunderbird (An open source, cross-platform email, news and chat client)

1.3 Ktouch (Typing Tutor)

1.4 LibreOffice Suite equivalent of MS Office

   a. Writer equivalent of MS Word

   b. Calc equivalent of MS Excel

   c. Impress equivalent of MS PowerPoint

   d. Base equivalent of MS Access

   e. Math (is a simple equation editor that lets you lay-out and display your mathematical equation)

   f. Draw (lets you build diagrams and sketches from scratch)

1.5 Linux

1.6 LinuxUbuntu


2 3D and Graphics

2.1 Blender

2.2 GIMP

3 Engineering and Programming

3.1 Scilab equivalent of MATLAB

3.2 C and C++

3.3 PHP

3.4 Python

3.5 Java

3.6 Netbeans

4 Web Development

4.1 Drupal

5 Networking

5.1 GNS3